Why S3 Intelligence

Who we are

S3 is one of the world’s leading security and investigative-services companies.

Our team of seasoned security experts, intelligence gatherers and analysts protects corporations and high-profile individuals against threats ranging from kidnapping, assault and arson, to financial crimes such as embezzlement and extortion, to cyber threats, to damage to reputation, and more.

We use myriad tools in our work, including surveillance, undercover operations, electronics, and analysis of documents, financial records and other data.

The information we gather goes into creating plans to protect companies’ and individuals’ security and reputation. This includes safeguarding executives when they travel to countries with questionable security.

Our team members’ extensive and varied experience, and our commitment to pleasing our clients, has made S3 one of the world’s leading investigative companies.

Whether you need security or investigative services in the United States or other countries, we can provide it.

One thing that makes us stand out is that we tailor all our services, giving each client the exact mix of investigatory expertise and experience they need to deal with the specific challenges they face.

Our main office is in the Washington area. We also have a presence in Brussels, the European Union’s home base; Bucharest, Romania, the headquarters of our operations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union; and in Abidjan, Nigeria, our window to the African continent.

With our decades of experience in the United States and abroad, we can provide you with whatever security and investigative services you need 24/7.

Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.